Today is World Rabies Day

Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Lockhart

Can you guess how many cases of rabies there were near Lockhart last year?

36! Of the 36 rabies cases in the area, 17 were rabid dogs and 5 were rabid cats. Rabies is fatal. Your best bet for your pet’s survival is prevention.

Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Lockhart wants to make sure our patients are protected from rabies! Take a look at our list of ways you can help your pets avoid contracting rabies.

Ways to Say No to Rabies

  1. Keep your pet’s rabies vaccine current. Unvaccinated pets are not only a danger to themselves, they’re a danger to others. Make sure your friends and neighbors understand the importance of having their pet’s vaccinated as well. If your pet stays current on his or her vaccine and is bitten by a pet without a current vaccine, your pet must be quarantined. If your pet’s vaccine expires and he or she bites another pet or human, your pet will be quarantined…and possibly euthanized. It’s never worth the risk, or even the inconvenience.
  2. Don’t attract wild animals. Don’t feed your pet outside or store your pet’s food outside. It’s too appealing to raccoons, skunks, or other potentially rabid animals. Keep your outdoor trashcans covered to avoid attracting wildlife.
  3. Be wary of unknown animals. Whether animals are wild or domesticated, you cannot reliably tell if an animal is infected with rabies without rabies testing. Do not handle wildlife or allow your pets to socialize with unfamiliar animals. Rabies spreads from animal-to-animal or from animal-to-human with a bite or transfer of body fluids.
  4. Recognize rabies is still a threat. In 2016, 751 cases of rabies were discovered in the state of Texas. Rabies may seem like an obsolete illness from the past, but sadly rabies is still alive and deadly.
  5. Treat bite wounds safely. If your dog or cat is bitten by another animal or comes home with a wound that might be a bite wound, wear gloves while cleaning the wound to eliminate exposure to any fluids in the wound. Have your dog’s or cat’s rabies vaccine boostered. There has not been a case of rabies developing in a dog or cat who was current on the rabies vaccine and received a booster at the time of exposure.

Protect your family by practicing rabies prevention with vaccines and safety. For questions about rabies prevention or to schedule your pet’s vaccines, call Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Lockhart at 512-620-0111