Heartworm Can Be Fatal

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In the dark about heartworm?

Seven facts about heartworm

Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos

A single bite from an infected mosquito is all it takes to make your pet gravely ill.
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Cats are at risk for heartworm, too!

Cats definitely get heartworm! Protect your feline friends from heartworm with one monthly treatment.
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Yes, even indoor cats

Who hasn’t heard the telltale buzz of a mosquito while lying in bed? Mosquitos can just as easily bite your indoor cat and transmit heartworm.
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Heartworm infection has been diagnosed in all 50 states

Heartworm infection rates as high as 45% are found from Texas to the Atlantic Coast.
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Flooding, hurricanes, and other natural disasters cause upticks in heartworm disease

A staggering 250,000 pets were diagnosed with heartworm after Hurricane Katrina. Mosquitos were blown hundreds of miles infecting animals along the way.
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Heartworm infection won’t show up on a test right away

After your pet is infected with heartworms, it can take over 5 months to test positive for heartworms. Take the necessary preventive measures to ensure your pet is not infected with heartworms.
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Heartworms must be actively prevented year-round

Gone are the days of a few months of medication! Because mosquitos can strike any month in warmer climates, your pet needs heartworm prevention medication once per month, twelve months per year, for his or her entire life.
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