Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Lockhart

Pet Health Services

Providing a Full Range of Pet Care

The experts at Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic are diverse and flexible—so much so that we provide veterinary services not offered by other practices. We go out of our way to provide the services you need when you need them. With that in mind, our comprehensive pet care services include everything from advanced veterinary surgery to behavioral counseling to after hours emergencies.

Here are some of the veterinary services we offer in Lockhart:

  • Wellness and Preventive Care – Our exams and consultations cover your pet’s nutrition, behavior, flea, tick and heartworm control, puppy and kitten care, senior pet care, and dental care. We recommend vaccinations based on your pet’s age, health, and lifestyle.
  • Advanced Veterinary Surgery – Whether you bring your cat in for spaying or neutering or your dog in for emergency surgery, our skilled veterinarians provide the latest in surgical medicine.
  • Pain Management and Anesthesia – Your animal’s comfort is our number one concern, so we provide the anesthesia suited to your pet’s needs during surgery and supply pain management including laser therapy when necessary.
  • Radiology and In-House Laboratory – At Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic, we have advanced diagnostic equipment and an in-house laboratory to best ensure a quick and accurate diagnosis.
  • Allergy Testing and Dermatology – Whether your pet has environmental allergies, flea allergies, or is allergic to its food, bring your animal to us. Our veterinarians are skilled in veterinary dermatology and allergy testing.
  • Pet Boarding and Grooming – When you’re on vacation, have your beloved pet stay at Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic, your animal’s home away from home. We can groom your pet while you’re away, or at another time that suits your busy schedule.
  • End-of-life Care – Our staff treat you and your pet with gentleness and dignity during this difficult time. We work with you on a plan that maximizes your pet’s well-being right up to the end and manage end-of-life concerns with professionalism and compassion.

The team of professionals at Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing you with outstanding customer service.
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